Our Location


The nearest airport to Marmaris is Dalaman Airport.


 Dalaman Airport   :  Approx. 1hour 10min to Marmaris
 Bodrum / Milas Airport :  Approx. 1hour 45min to Marmaris
 Izmir Airport   :  Approx. 3 hours to Marmaris
 Antalya Airport  :  Approx. 4hours 30min to Marmaris
 Istanbul Airport                                                    

:  We have 2 airports there and you could take a domestic flight to Dalaman Airport.
   It is always much more easy to find suitable flights to Istanbul and
   if you could book your domestic flights early enough, their prices maybe very affordable.


 Dalaman Airport :  Approx. 1hour to Fethiye                                                
 Bodrum / Milas Airport :  Approx. 4hours to Fethiye
 Izmir Airport :  Approx. 5 hours to Fethiye
 Antalya Airport                       :  Approx. 3hours 30min to Fethiye


 Dalaman Airport :  Approx. 25min to Gocek                                       
 Bodrum / Milas Airport :  Approx. 3hours 30min to Gocek
 Izmir Airport  :  Approx. 4 hours to 20min to Gocek
 Antalya Airport                  :  Approx. 3hours 30min to Gocek


 Dalaman Airport     :  Approx. 3hours 30min to Bodrum                
 Bodrum / Milas Airport :  Approx. 30min to Bodrum
 Izmir Airport :  Approx. 3 hours to 30min to Bodrum
 Antalya Airport :  Approx. 7hours to Bodrum


 Our guests who prefer Rhodes Airport can arrive at Marmaris in a short time and affordably through ferries with regular   tariffs 2 times a day. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for the purchase and booking of ferry tickets.

We can also make all your airport transfers directly to the gulet and back again with our own vehicles.

 The fact that Marmaris is at the heart of blue voyage routes brings along several advantages. Among these advantages are   the proximity of Dalaman Airport for domestic flights from Istanbul and, alternatively, the use of Bodrum Airport and         affordable early-bird prices.