Another course that you may prefer among our 2-week courses is the Marmaris – Bodrum – Kos – Symi – Rhodes – Marmaris course. Besides enjoying our region's unique turquoise water on this course, you will also have the chance to see the breathtaking beauty of the neighboring Greek islands. If you are going to choose this course, you must also complete the necessary visa procedures.

For the bays to be visited and various activities to be involved in our courses extending to the Greek islands, please check our “Marmaris – Bodrum – Marmaris” and ” Marmaris – Datça – Marmaris” courses.

The first island where we will weigh anchor after the port of Bodrum will be Kos (Cos). The tourism is quite developed in Kos which is located very close to Bodrum. This island is considered as a cultural center for hosting the Agora ruins and ancient ruins inside. The famous physician Hippocrates is believed to be born in the island of Kos. The island is famous for its Tree of Hippocrates identified with Hippocrates. Thanks to its numerous cultural points for your visit, Kos will offer you pleasant options for your holiday.

The next stop after the unforgettable hours you will spend on the island of Kos will be the island of Symi resembling a painting table. Symi which was conquered and bereaved from the knights by Suleyman the Magnificent was developed in prosperity and aesthetics thanks to the autonomy given. Welcoming guests with its artistic architecture, Symi will be an appropriate choice for a memorable holiday experience.

Our next stop will be largest of the Dodecanese Islands, the Rhodes, following the energetic and rich breakfast to be had in the island of Symi. The Rhodes, which has a very important place in history, has also been hosting the Colossus of Rhodes which is considered as one of the World's Seven Wonders. Instead of the statue of the Greek god Helios who is believed to live there once, now, the famous deer statues meet the boat at the entrance of the port city of Rhodes. In addition, the Rhodes castle built by the Knights of Saint John in the city of Rhodes and the historical medieval neighborhood there is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Your visit to the Castle of Rhodes will take you right into the history and offer you the opportunity to re-live those moments with the Knights of Saint John. The souvenir shops selling various knight accessories will allow you to spend a fascinating time. You may also explore the island of Rhodes more by renting a car or motorbike. You can also have a pleasant time in elegant fish restaurants and lively night clubs during your visit to Rhodes.

Following this unique trip where history meets with entertainment, the return trip to the port of Marmaris will be a great option for you to unwind yourselves after this pleasant tiredness. You will enjoy the sea in quiet, peaceful and natural bays and leave behind all the stress you've had throughout the year.

Wishing you a great unforgettable holiday which would make you excited whenever you talk about …