Marmaris - Bozburun - Symi - Rodos - Fethiye - Marmaris

Another one of our 2-week courses is Marmaris – Bozburun – Symi – Rhodes – Fethiye – Marmaris in which we also included the port of Fethiye in our Greek islands tour. This course of us which allows you to also see a close and different culture as well as amusements, is quite rich in terms of the activities that you can participate.

For the courses and activities in our course's section till the Greek islands, you may check out our Greek islands courses. While you will be relieving from stress by having enjoyable breaks in bays with unique natural beauty, the first point you will arrive at will be Bozburun. Bozburun where more than half of the vessels at the port of Marmaris are manufactured will welcome you with its quiet and spotless face.

Once you say goodbye to Bozburun, you will get under way to Symi to say hello to the neighbor. With its classy restaurants, rich options where you can buy souvenirs and its silhouette resembling a painting table, Symi will make you have an unforgettable holiday. Following a pleasant day spent in Symi, other next stop will be the Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese Islands. While leaving behind the island of Rhodes, we will hit the road to arrive at our next destination, Fethiye.

After the port of Fethiye meets you with all its colors, you will have many alternatives within the time you will spent there. If you are an adventurer, the paragliding from Babadağ and canyoning in Saklikent Canyon will be the right choices for your adrenaline level. If you like quite places, we invite you to the unique fish market of Fethiye. You may have the chance to eat fresh sea fishes in place. Besides, you can salute Ölüdeniz, one of the most impressive stops in blue journey, on this course. You can visit Fethiye by minibuses pulling away from Fethiye.

After visiting the port of Fethiye; Ağa Port, Binlik Bay, Batık Hamam Bay which is called drowned hammam due to an antique hammam (Turkish bath) residues of which remained under water and the famous Bedri Rahmi Bay will be the unique points where you can enjoy the sea and the water sports.

Our next stop after visiting the above-mentioned natural wonders, Göcek and Akdeniz (Mediterranean) Bays will be Ekincik. We also would like to remind you that you will have the chance to explore Dalyan, an antique Carian City, once we arrive at Dalyan.

Having rock graves and İztuzu beach within its boundaries, Dalyan is one of the most popular touristic resorts of Turkey for one-day visits. You will feel lost in the time while watching rock graves from afar. In addition to the opportunity to taste the famous crabs of Dalyan, you will also have the chance to see Caretta Carettas in their natural environment. You may also enjoy the pleasure of swimming in the waves of İztuzu beach which is the world's 7th best beach. Besides, you may also have a care cure prepared for yourselves from the world-famous mud bath of this region.

You will also have the chance to read any books you have put off for years while sipping tea in the bays of great beauty during your return trip to Marmaris. In order to see with your own eyes the underwater life still non-explored, you may also benefit from scuba-diving alternatives.

Wishing you a holiday that you'll never forget and get excited while remembering every moment…